else { Heart.break() }

This game is my main focus at the moment. It’s an interactive drama about love, youth and technology set in a city kind of similar to Gothenburg – the place where I live. It’s also a serious attempt to improve my understanding of how to tell personal stories through software.

I’m making the game together with four close friends (Niklas, Tobbe, Oscar and Johannes). I have been thinking about it for a long time so I’m very happy that it finally is coming together. I hope you will like it.

Follow the development here:


19 Comments on “else { Heart.break() }”

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  2. Rimel Says:

    Wow! This look really interesting. Love the artwork. Is it going to be a highly story-driven game?

  3. tavasztunder Says:

    Any plans to release the game on Android?

  4. Chair Says:

    If (game.Released)
    { buy(game); play(game); }
    else { Heart.break(); }

    I can’t wait to play it! :D Hope You’ll release it soon, in 2014 maybe? :)

  5. Mason Says:

    I’m interested in what you mean with like plot coding and such. Could you elaborate please? I’m only 17 with no experience in such things so I’m curious if I could get as much enjoyment out of this as I could.

    • eriksvedang Says:


      I think you’ll have to check back here when we start releasing more trailers and gameplay videos. Your age shouldn’t be a problem though, rather the opposite I would say! I sincerely hope that you will play it and like it, but we’ll see :)

      Best regards,

  6. Kenny Says:

    any idea of a release date? :)

  7. Jonathan Yoho Says:

    Please! iOS or Mac support! I love your work!

  8. Alex Bao Says:

    Awesome! I’ve just found out about your game and I’m extremely excited to try it. Just thinking of all the plot coding possibilities makes me salivate…
    Keep it up!

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  10. Andrés Says:

    What engine will be used for the game? Best wishes with else { Heart.break() }

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