Concept Creatures


(Click on the image for a full view)

Which one would you like to see in the game?!

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5 Comments on “Concept Creatures”

  1. Toadsanime Says:

    Would it not of been possible to include them all…? All of them creatures look really cool.

  2. JOOLA Says:

    Den lilla killen till vänster om den med hatt och pinnglass.

  3. nich Says:

    tall guy with thorns growing out of his back

  4. Madonessay Says:

    Umbrella Dragon! also Blanket Centipede with a Sprig on their Head.

    Looking pretty lovely. Keep it up, Erik!

  5. Mårten Says:

    Jag vill se den långbenta filuren i nedre högra hörnet, den med taggbusken på huvudet. Emil vill se den bredvid, ollonhuvudet.

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