Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum

Today I visited the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg to check out how me and my friends’ game Det Goda Livet was doing as a part of the ongoing Science Festival. I watched people from two school classes playing the game and everybody seemed to have a blast! Some of the girls in the last group didn’t want to leave… :D Hopefully they learned something too, I think so.

More images after the jump!

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4 Comments on “Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum”

  1. Cool! I was informed by a collegue who’ve noted this debate!
    Certainly, EriK, and co, your game is a success! I am convinced
    the kids learn a lot from it too, in case one is making sure the debriefing debate following each setup is well accomplished!
    Good luck with your further serious game development!

    Greetings from Ken Danielsson, Museum curator at GNM
    (In orange T-shirt to the right , at 2nd picture above, I’m in action having a good time operating the game setup I noticed :-) )

  2. Jacob Says:

    It was A blast to be there!

  3. Ola Says:

    Vad kul att få se sitt spel i full gång. Det är dig väl förunnat! Det hade roligt att vara där.

  4. Jonas Says:

    Haha, va roligt! Grattis! :-)

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