The Birds in your Garden

Hi everybody, sorry for not posting anything in a long while. 

Here’s a couple of desktop images if someone is interested:


Take care,


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10 Comments on “The Birds in your Garden”

  1. Aje Says:

    It there always this bizarre but magnificent blue reindeer in the original version of the game which goes out tomorrow ?

  2. psychicfriend Says:

    It’s almost Oktober!!! How are things going with the game, Erik???

  3. acidBatterie Says:

    very pretty, love everything about it

  4. Toadsanime Says:

    Ah, thank you very much. Hardly any developers think to create desktop wallpapers of their games, which is a shame, because I’d love it if they had.
    I’ll these images for my desktop, thanks. I truly cannot wait for this game – it looks beautiful.

  5. Det kommer att bli klockrent.. kämpa på :)

  6. butter Says:

    it’s beautiful. marry me :-(

  7. bs angel Says:

    I am now using the first image as my desktop. Just beautiful, thanks for posting those!

  8. nickers Says:

    I hope this game will run on linux too!

    I am waiting for this game since i have seen sneak peek trailer – this graphic is just gorgeous :)

  9. Gunnar Says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to the game!

  10. PBB Says:

    Thanks a lot, makes me want it even more. And now i see what was this moose thing on this page, its part of the game!

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