It’s a secret!

What does it mean?

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8 Comments on “It’s a secret!”

  1. Hasse Says:

    Is it perhaps you, Erik, who drawed this… dude?

  2. Eli Says:

    It means I can no longer wait for more information about this game. I must say, for divulging so little; you have piqued my interest sir. Good work. (I really have no idea what it means; although, I pray it is wearing a dinner jacket)

  3. acidBatterie Says:

    it means u have sick style

  4. Toadsanime Says:

    ‘It means your game looks awesome, of course.’

  5. I think I might know, what it means..

    Have you seen this?
    Do me a favor and scroll down to picture #6



  6. Luís Says:

    It means… BOOM! 8D

  7. Joe Cleary Says:

    The bullshit processor…
    In one end and out the other…

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