(Blueberry Garden concept art from the summer of 2007)

Today is my birthday and since I haven’t written very much here lately I thought I would give a little news roundup of the last couple of months:

  • I have graduated from the University of Skövde with a degree in Computer Game Design
  • Three weeks ago I started working at the University of Skövde as a teacher of Computer Game Design
  • Since I work only half-time at the university I have had a lot of time to work on several small games to try out different ideas. Most of it has turned out to be junk but that’s part of the fun — trying crazy stuff and watch it fail…

Finally I want to thank everybody who is waiting for Blueberry Garden and say they like the look of the game, it’s really exciting! Unfortunately I don’t have any public news about it… I’ll leave that to your imagination a little bit longer.

Yours truly,


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7 Comments on “22”

  1. eriksvedang Says:

    Thanks Kian and Eli! So far I’m really enjoying being a teacher — the students are really friendly and my colleagues are very talented and interesting to discuss things with :D

  2. Eli Says:

    This is most excellent news. Good to know that a (potential) chunk of the next generation of game developers will in someway be influenced by you. Seems like a positive thing to be doing with a percent of your life! Congrats!

    (Also, as far as Blueberry Garden is concerned: Unless I am sadly mistaken; the wait will be well worth it.)

  3. Kian Says:

    Congratulations! :D How’s the teaching going?

  4. Congratulation Erik! And congratulations for your job as well, think it’s a sweet spot for you and I can’t wait to see more of your games. :)

    Have an awesome birthday!

  5. Luís Says:

    I wish you sucess :)

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