Flipside wins a competition

The Swedish site gameplayer.se arranged a game developing competition together with Paradox Interactive and now they have choosen Flipside of the Divine as the winner. Here’s the motivation:

Flipside of the Divine demonstrates that innovation alone is not enough, but innovation, mixed with rock-solid development is the killer formula for a high-quality compelling game. Plus the pace of Flipside constantly keeps you on your toes.
However good game mechanics is not enough you also require a high standard of technical quality to support this. Flipside is not just the best game in this competition – it is a great game, period.

Great news, try the game if you haven’t already. :)

By the way — tomorrow I’m off to the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen. Exciting!

Take care,


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3 Comments on “Flipside wins a competition”

  1. Easy Grow Says:

    Great post and blog! I really enjoyed this post, thanks for that. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts, thanks!

  2. IHarac Says:

    Greetings! I am a reviewer with PCWorld magazine, and PCWorld is interested in hosting Flipside in their downloads section. However, my email to you is bouncing. Could you please tell me if a)You will grant permission for Flipside to host, and, b)the full system requirements (Ram, disk, graphics, OS) for Flipside? Thank you!

  3. Grattis! Ett finfint spelbygge väl värt segern. :)

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