San Francisco!

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16 Comments on “San Francisco!”

  1. Iona Says:

    Grattis, grattis! Skit i jetlag – party after work på måndag. :-P

  2. Joakim Johansson Says:

    Sjukt stort grattis din lyckans ost!! ^^

  3. Rob Schatz Says:

    Erik, congrats on the Grand Prize! I was wondering, was The Danish Poet
    an influence on Blueberry Garden?

  4. Blueberry Says:

    Stort grattis!
    Ser verkligen fram emot att testa detta underbara spel.

  5. Ulf Wilhelmsson Says:

    Grattis! Ulf

  6. mia Says:

    Hej Erik!
    Fantastiskt! Grattis!!!!!! Underbara Blueberry Garden erövrar världen!
    Puss & Kram!/MIA

  7. steve Says:


  8. Erik Sjöstrand Says:

    Stort grattis!

  9. Karin R Says:

    WOW, grattis Erik! Helt vansinnigt kul – du är verkligen värd det!

  10. Harold Says:

    Congratulations!! I was following you and your game for quite a long time now and learning that you won the Grand Prize this year is making my day!! Big up Sweden and north europe peeps!

  11. Michael Gill Says:

    Grattis Erik! Vi ser fram emot att få testa ditt spel!

  12. tommy Says:

    Yeah, congratulations on the grand prize! Now i REALLY need to play the game as soon as possible =)
    (Send me a mail, will you)

  13. robert Says:

    Congrats! :O

  14. tayron Says:

    well? how’s blueberry garden? any news?

  15. reallyjoel Says:

    We’re here too.. just ate at Sliders, pretty decent hamburger joint. Don’t forget to send postcards to mommy.

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