A lot of people have interviewed me lately and I thought maybe you want to read some of it:

“Of Blueberries and Gardening” by The Escapist

“Flying high in Blueberry Garden” by Tuna Snax

“Greenfingers: An Interview with Erik Svedäng” by The Reticule

“Ten Questions with Erik Svedäng” by Game and Player

“Interview: Erik Svedäng” by Act of Rage!

(I left out the ones in foreign languages and also forgot where to find some texts, please tell me if you have written something and want it linked.)

Thanks to all the interviewers!


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4 Comments on “Interviews!”

  1. […] Here are some interviews with the Erik Svedang, the creator of the game (got this list from his site). […]

  2. sietsesmith Says:

    don’t forget about ;)

    good going mate! how’s progress on the game lately?

  3. Eli Says:

    The escapist eh? Good stuff; really solid interviews, some nice tid bits in there.


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