Ok, so the game is supposed to be released very soon and to celebrate I decided to have a little party, chilling out in my apartment with some friends. I’ll update this post with pics of what’s happening as the evening progresses.


Blueberry pies!


Beer, cheese and snacks.


Yum... blueberry jam (and candy)







Jonas, the man


Joel, the middle of the party




Joel, the party pooper (went home, so lame)


Getting dark...


"Best game since Helium Boy" -- creator of Bionic Commando Rearmed (for realz)



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54 Comments on “Party”

  1. cyaniol Says:

    the party was awesome!

  2. Muscar Says:

    Mmmmm, blåbärs paj! Hoppas den va god! Ska spela så fårt ja får tag på en windows dator ^^

  3. Looks great Erik, hope you had fun. You certainly deserve to kick back and enjoy yourself a bit! =)

  4. Matt L. Says:

    Lol, they added ANOTHER day to the countdown. Now it’s not coming out till the 10th. Heh, we are being tested by the great Blueberry gods.

    We must not loose faith.

    May the fruit be with you!

  5. Gl3n Says:

    1am.. i’ll try tomorrow :)

  6. eriksvedang Says:

    Ok, it seems there are some problems with the release :(

    Sorry guys, hope it will come up soon on the store…

  7. TB Says:

    It looks like you’ll need to have a party tomorrow as well. Now Steam is showing 23 hours.

  8. Matt L. Says:

    23 hours!?! I’ll never survive that long. Farewell cruel world!

  9. Paul S Says:

    Does anyone know what is holding up the release or have an ETA? been anxiously awaiting this since I saw that it beat games like world of goo and and yet it moves at IGF!

    • CoinCollector Says:

      Right now on Steam, the countdown timer is gone, but it’s not available for purchase yet….

  10. Jag har förlorat hoppet. Sängen kallar.

    • Tom Says:

      Translation: I have lost the hope. The bed calls.

    • Matilda Says:

      Per EddyKL Scusa Paolo ma sulla Luna non c'era gia' una discreta collezione di sonde automatiche dei programmi Luna e Surveyor che avevano raccolto dati per determinare la periioloscta' biologica del suolo? Forse il padrone di casa non è davanti allo schermo, lo anticipo io: il programma Luna era sovietico. Scambiarsi dati e informazioni su questi dettagli durante la guerra fredda sarebbe stato impensabile.Sul Surveyor, non conosco bene i dettagli.

  11. DarkNemo Says:

    I want to play, aaargh, ffs give me my fiix

  12. Gl3n Says:

    I’m starting to lose hope :)

  13. Tom Says:

    Well cheated again

  14. Ryan Daniels Says:

    Here’s hoping!

  15. Ryan Daniels Says:

    Whoah, what the heck, the timer reset! Let’s hope this one is for real!

  16. Hawkey Says:

    @Ryan: It’s not that I hate steam (I own an account with several games like Zeno Clash, Audiosurf, TF2 and some more games), I just prefer to avoid it. My PC isn’t the best and in the past I got some problems/slow runs with games running at steam. Furthermore I dislike the idea to be dependent of a huge company (although most of the products they sell the didn’t even create by themself => for the delay comment: it was the same at the Braid and And Yet it Moves release date, Greenhouse & Co. published the game and just steam hesitated until the last minute of the american daytime). If by any reason they got an server crash, you won’t be able to play you games anymore (besides I allways need a PC who can connect with the internet, even if its short just to check and give me the acces of the game I bought). I never got any problems by the direct sold like World of Goo, Crayon Physics, Aquaria, Darwinia or And Yet it Moves….

    Like I said for me its “even” where I buy the game, as long you think its the best way for you and your project. If say that the game will be steam exclusive, it’s okay. Than I will hopefully get it in a few hours :)
    If you come up with another idea its the same. I just like to know if this will be the way you want us get the game (so no future direct distribution over your site)…

    Still have fun party and don’t forget to try the blueberry pie, seem to be delicious ^^

  17. Matt L. Says:

    1 hour to go!!!!

  18. Matt L. Says:

    Patiently waiting. So excited for the game I may turn into a giant blueberry and then be eaten by a giant bear.

    It will be a very exciting way to go.

  19. nat Says:

    Your game reminds me of those postcards:
    I’m really looking forward to playing.

    Btw, Nicke -> very hot

  20. Aje Says:

    It is not grave! But I looked for a long time forward to testing this miracle! Do you think that it will be for tomorrow?

  21. Mjauv Says:

    Those guys sure don’t seem to be in a hurry.
    Gah this is unbearable. You can’t even pre-order the damn thing!

    • Mattias Lundmark Says:

      No worries, I’ll just get up early tomorrow and buy it if Steam managed to sort it out. I hope that the game is short enough that I can finish it before work? ;)

      Congrats in advance though! Please blow me away tomorrow.

  22. Gl3n Says:

    /raps fingers on desk

    I’m running out of Scotch miniatures waiting here!

  23. eriksvedang Says:

    They are working on it!

  24. Hawkey Says:

    Thats steam -_-
    Hopefully Erik will chose either another (less DRM restricted) distributor like Impulse or even better, Blueberry will be offered directly by him at his site (so he gets more from his project). If this will be not the case, please say it and I buy it immidiantly after its released (see valve time:
    Overwise I will wait until it appears at a more independent friendly way :)

    • Ryan Daniels Says:

      First of all, there is no DRM on steam, second of all, Erik wouldn’t make 10% of what he will selling on steam if if he sold it directly or from your unheard of website. Steam has, by far, the most customers of ANY online content delivery service.

      Furthermore, “valve time” refers to valve’s own time it takes to produce it’s OWN games, now the time it takes to release them, and more importantly, “valve time” is not an insult, it’s a casual joke FANS of valve came up with.

      Finally, I highly, highly doubt you have ANY real experience with steam. Whatever is going on right now is a rare exception and for anyone to expect that a company never once have a small delay is insane.

      • TragicLlama Says:

        Ryan, do you work for Steam, by any chance? :)

        Personally, I’m right in the middle of you two.

      • Ryan Daniels Says:

        Lol, no, I just got ticked off when I saw his “That’s steam” response, which is such an enormous lie. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have said anything, as I already said my piece in the other comments. All I’m saying is, if you don’t like steam (or anything else, for that matter), fine, by all means, hate away, but have a good reason. What he is saying is ignorant prejudice, and it wrongfully gives an exemplary service a bad name.

        (I can’t reply to you directly, as wordpress won’t allow me to add a 4th level response)

        Anyways, I am eagerly awaiting release.

  25. Aje Says:

    Damage, can be tomorrow. By hoping that that does not rot your feast ;) !

  26. Cortout Says:

    Same problem here. I was pressing f5 since 8pm…
    I’ll wait more passivly, I guess.

  27. Aje Says:

    Graaa, impossible to buy it at the moment, Steam does not want to receive your game ! :(

  28. springtail Says:

    sorry, Erik, not Eric…

  29. springtail Says:

    Hi Eric, I am going to have a glass of beer in my apartment to celebrate with you:):) I hope Blueberry Garden will be very successful… I wish I had a piece of that blueberry cake:) Cheers!

  30. Yeah… they just removed the countdown… still no option to buy :/

  31. Simon Says:

    ser riktigt gött ut men.. låt mig köpa spelet nu bara ;)
    skulle ju släppas nu vid 8 enligt steam!

  32. Hi Erik.

    Gratz with the (near) release. I’m updating the steam webpage continually :P I see you got the Carlsberg’s ready :P Danish beer FTW!

    • Letitia Says:

      chaoscity trendtestfan bin ich gerne geworden, wenn der losfeefrosch mich aussuchen würde, würde ich das Playmobil Pieeuan-Brtteschiff nehmen.geteilt habe ich natürlich auch.wünsche ein schönes wochenende.

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