Game is out!

Ok, finally Blueberry Garden is up on Steam!!! =) =) =)

What a great and exciting journey it has been, thanks everybody for all the support and patience!

The only thing left now is for you to play the game — Get it here

Also, here is the new Official Blueberry Garden information page.

Take care,


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34 Comments on “Game is out!”

  1. takao Says:

    Congratulations! I bought one!

  2. Gemedet Says:

    Hey Erik, thanks for the great game! I was enjoying just exploring around when this popped up:

    Error:System.NullReferenceException in Void checkForGround()
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    It crashed the game, and I was then rather frustrated to find that the game doesn’t save your progress at all. Any plans to add that in a later version?

  3. Soulshift Says:

    Finished the game as well, but didn’t manage to write the password down since I accidentally hit enter at the congratulations screen :(

    Is there a way to display it again?

  4. bigdaddydean1 Says:

    i got blueberry garden,and finished it,but when i go to blueberry garden secret site and put in password,which is(partly blocked)p*p*e*k*k*

  5. mia Says:

    Grattis! Härligt att BG finns på Steam! Ha en toppen-helg i Stockholm! Kram/MIA

  6. Mattias Lundmark Says:

    Big congrats! Bought it now and it is just as trippy as I suspected… ;) Good job!

  7. Will there be a release for xbox-360?

  8. Kian Says:

    Grattis!!! :D :D :D

  9. David Amador Says:

    Well I’ve already bought my copy, let’s see if I like the game :P

  10. Eddie Says:

    Please check the indie games weblog – looks like I’m not the only one struggling to make Blueberry Garden run correctly, although I meet the requirements (3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, etc)

  11. Brilliant!
    Buying it as soon as I get home! =)

  12. CoinCollector Says:

    Erik, do you think you could make an official game group for Blueberry Garden on Steam, or ask Steam to if you don’t have the privileges to?

  13. Matt L. Says:

    Woot! Downloading now…

  14. darryl Says:

    Congratulations on the release! You give this commercially-employed Game Developer hope as an indie.
    Wonderful game, wonderful atmosphere, great job!

  15. the2bears Says:

    Congratulations on the release. Downloaded and waiting for work to finish for the day ;)


  16. Aje Says:

    Oh my God, I expected in no way it! The water necessarily has to it rise? Until flood us in its entirety? Where have to we go by amassing objects?
    It is so good-looking! I like! But can one cross more time in the Blueberry Garden and take charge of trees and of animals without being trapped for all that by time ?

  17. Iona Says:

    Finally, so.. how about another release party? Yes? ;p

  18. Frank Says:

    Hi Erik,
    Is there still a demo?

  19. Ryan Daniels Says:

    It’s downloading!

  20. Aje Says:


  21. Balos Says:

    For some reason the demo would not want to install so I just bought the full version anyway, which was what I was planning on doing. Congrads on the game release

  22. Gemedet Says:

    “The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request.”


    ;) Obviously more people want to play this game than expected.

  23. Ryan Daniels Says:


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