On Blueberry Garden’s Music, by Daduk

My piano

My Yamaha P80

Hello !

What an amazing destiny for these couple of piano tracks I published on the Internet a couple of years ago ! I was miles away from imagining that one day, they would be selected as the soundtrack of such a beautiful video game.

I hope you will enjoy listening to the music as much as I liked to compose it, and that it will add a little something to your journey through the garden.

I am sincerely grateful to Erik for bringing me into the Blueberry Garden adventure, from the release of the trailer to the San Francisco prize ceremony and now, for giving me this opportunity to blog about Blueberry Garden’s soundtrack, “Et Apres”.

Finally, I read many nice comments you left about the music: thank you so much for this ! I might one day publish the scores, but I am unfortunately not really good at writing them… I hope to tell a bit more about the stories behind the tracks in a future post.

You can find the album here http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/daduk.


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39 Comments on “On Blueberry Garden’s Music, by Daduk”

  1. On peut ѵous dire qսe ce n’est pas faaux ..

  2. japonaise Says:

    Bon bah ce post va atterrir sur mon site web

  3. Excellent post une fois de plus

  4. blog.com Says:

    Je suis pressée de lire le prochain article

  5. David Says:

    Hello Daduk! I have been listening to your music a long time ago. I’ve learnt by ear some song on the piano and I have done one cover on YouTube. You can see it here:

    Hope you’ll enjoy! Bye

  6. Jonas Schäffler Says:

    I really like your music. It is very emotional and it moves my heart.
    I also play the piano and I would be interested in sheets, if there are any? This would be so great. I really want to play this music!!!

    • daduk Says:

      Hi Jonas

      Great thanks for your feedback. I only have published “Valse” on LuLu.com so far.
      I yet have to find some time to transcribe the other pieces (as well as the ones from Rue Portobello !).
      Updates will be posted on my Facebook page.

  7. ThatSnail Says:

    Amazing work. Brings some great atmosphere into the game; it’s one of the main things, overall, that I liked about the game. Listening to your album while doing homework, this is the only way I can get anything done now, hah.

  8. heizoeli Says:

    I really like your music and i am looking forward for new compositions of you. Can i buy somewhere sheet music of your pieces?
    Here i tried my best to play your valse by ear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg9PBDPGmvQ

    • daduk Says:

      This is excellent, heizoeli ! I feel really honored you spent some time learning and playing Valse just by ear, and so well !
      I hopefully should have some sheets ready by the end of the year or beginning or next.

      • heizoeli Says:

        Thanks for your appreciating comment to my interpretation of your valse!
        Everyone who listen to me playing, asks: “Who is the componist? Do you have it on sheet?”
        So you haven’t written yet any sheet for your pieces you composed?
        Maybe i will write a sheet for your valse for you, so you can take your energy to compose other pieces, instead writing notes…
        By the way I am practicing “Et après” too.

  9. Michael Says:

    can I get the steel of “valse” and “apres” plz…??
    because I love these music very much and I’d like to try to play these music by myself…..
    so … if you can give me these steels . I’ll very appreciate

    • daduk Says:

      Thank you very much for your comments, Michael.
      I hopfully should start having the sheets ready by the end of the year, or beginning or next.

  10. Vaka Says:

    Woah. C’est ce que j’ai pensé en écoutant “Entre deux” qu’on venait de m’envoyer. Totalement amoureuse, j’écoute ce morceau en boucle, fais une rapide recherche sur le net sur l’énigmatique compositeur “Daduk” et tombe amoureuse de l’album entier (pourtant si court)! Petite préférence malgré tout pour “Valse”.

    Peu après, la même personne m’ayant envoyé “Entre deux” me lâche dans une perle du jeu indépendant : Blueberry Garden. Le personnage s’envole, et là, la musique retentit, surprise, je m’envole aussi.

    Je n’ai plus qu’un mot à dire : Merci.

    In short : Thank you.

  11. Antos Says:

    Your music really brings a lot into the atmosphere of the game. And it’s really inspiring.
    Thank you so much for your effort.

  12. Archagon Says:

    Daduk, your music is beautiful and contributes so much to the game’s atmosphere. Kudos!

  13. audreytatum Says:

    is there sheet music available anywhere for your music?
    it really moves me
    and i would love to be able to play it

  14. daduk Says:

    I really feel honored by your appreciations. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me this feedback. I hope my future compositions will meet your expectations.

  15. oxyzen Says:

    I really love the music…
    It really makes me cry…

  16. Aleksej Says:

    Daduk, thank you for marvellous pieces of music!I’m not a huge fan of classical stuff, but your compositions are far beyond style limits. Please, don’t stop promoting your music, such a talent deserves highest appreciation.

  17. Matthew Says:

    I’m very gratfull to Blueberry Garden not only for being a wonderful little game, but also for introducing me to your music. Your album is incredibly beautiful and I’ve been listening to it more than anything else recently. Don’t worry about getting the scores done, I’m enjoying learning to play Et Apres by ear.

  18. blablabla Says:

    Great Job Daduk.
    I do a post about BBG on the LOTG website (french):

  19. Michael Says:


    Really fantastic work! Thank you very much for the beautiful music.

    Best wishes

  20. daduk Says:

    Many thanks for your comments ! They are very encouraging.
    I am glad you enjoy the tracks. I don’t know about Varmlandsvisan, but I will surely listen to it.

    Merci beaucoup pour vos remarques et encouragements !


  21. Emol Says:

    Sorry, I made a mistake with the “Varmlandsvisan” song. I knew it thanks to In Flames, but is a folk song (swedish, I think…). But try to hear the In Flames’ one because it sounds more similar to Et apres.

  22. Emol Says:

    Wow, great to have you posting here, Daduk. You made a fabulous work.
    The moment in which you start to fly over the garden by first time, is simply marvelous and unforgetable, and I think that it is because of a perfect usage of the appropriate music in the right place. That momento was really epic.
    In other way: I found the song “Et apres” pretty similar to In Flames’ “Varmlandsvisan” song. Have you listened to it?

  23. Anthago Says:

    Wow, thanks Daduk for posting. The music you created was what really caught my attention about Blueberry Garden (I still haven’t played it though).

    I thought you were of korean origin judging from your nickname (don’t ask me why haha), but I guess I was wrong.

    Anyway, great job on those tunes, hope to see more from you, perhaps a website dedicated to your works?

    Cheers, and good luck to you!

    (me is from France)

  24. […] heavily applauded Blueberry Garden has been made available by its composer, Daduk. The details are all here and you can pick up the files from the link provided on Svedäng’s blog without doing anything […]

  25. Aje Says:

    Quand j’ai vu le trailer de Blueberry Garden il y a un mois ou deux, je suis tout de suite allé voir la musique de cet artiste poétique français (langue à laquelle je fais hommage pour une fois, la parlant ^^). Ces oeuvres sont tout à fait délicieuses pour les oreilles et j’ai téléchargé l’album en entier, ce que je vous invite à faire !
    Petit bémol cependant : pourquoi, toi Erik Svedang, ne les as tu pas incrusté toutes dans ton jeu, en particulier “La Marelle” qui est magnifique ? Enfin, c’est dommage, mais ce n’est pas dramatique non plus et n’empêche pas à Blueberry Garden d’avoir une bande son exemplaire !

    When I saw the trailer of Blueberry Garden one month or two ago, I went to see at once the music of this French poetic artist (for which I make tribute for once, speaking about it ^^). These works are completely delicious for ears and I downloaded the album in its entirety, what I invite you to make!
    Small flat however: why, you Erik Svedang, kept silent to them not inlayed all in your game, in particular ” La Marelle ” which is magnificent ? Finally, it is pity, but it is not dramatic either and does not prevent to Blueberry Garden from having an exemplary sound track !

  26. reallyjoel Says:

    I can only imagine what it would feel like to be picked up by such a great project like that, and to be swept away in all its craziness, like award ceremonies and such. But you deserve it well, so enjoy the ride!

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