Exquisite Corpses


(click image for bigger view)


Made by me and friends 08/09.

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8 Comments on “Exquisite Corpses”

  1. mia Says:

    Snyggt!!! Vill gärna se live!/Kram!

    • Dina Says:

      A link to the Pinretest board would be great, Karla… I seldom go as I'm worried about how much time I'd waste LOL. I spent two days and only got to 60 of the blogs; hopefully I'll get to the last 20 this week. This has been one of my favorite blog hops!

    • She is so insanely stupid, she thinks people leave because she has eight kids…True. She also can't bring herself to think that Jon rejected *her*, not the family. He didn't reject her…she kicked *him* out, but then he didn't beg to come back :).

  2. reallyjoel Says:

    Some of these turned out fantastic, you should have a detail of the best ones, they deserve it!

  3. Kian Says:

    :O :O :O I see dead people. _Exquisite_ dead people.

  4. jeb Says:

    I need BIGGER! At least +2 inches!

  5. Jools Says:

    Can you post a better close up?
    It is hard to see the details.

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