Indie Games Sale!

Great tip for everyone interested in indie games (and everyone else). This weekend Steam is having a huge  bundled sale and Blueberry Garden is included. Read more about it here! 75% off!!!

UPDATE: The sale has ended, big thanks to everyone who bought the bundle!

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7 Comments on “Indie Games Sale!”

  1. Buddy Says:

    A really good answer, full of ralionatity!

  2. theTrav Says:

    Hey, I got the game via the bundle and am a little curious, did the bundle earn you a really teeny, tiny amount per game? Or did valve subsidize it? or was it free copies as far as you were concerned?

    I reckon you would have got a LOT of people playing your game that wouldn’t otherwise because of that deal, so it’s definitely a good move regardless of money, but I’m curious as to how it works (assuming you’re allowed to talk about it)

  3. Daniel Says:

    Totally bought it, played it through two times and wrote a review in German about this little masterpiece at my blog:

    Will be published in two weeks. Are you fine with the fact that I used one of your beautiful bonus-scribbles? Hope so …

    Good luck for your future projects!


  4. shaolinjesus Says:

    Already purchased the set and love everything so far. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  5. reallyjoel Says:

    Oh, I think I will be getting this. Thanks for the heads up, i would have probably missed it otherwise.

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