Last week I went to Bradford, England to speak at the 16th Bradford Animation Festival. It was a really great experience in a lot of ways so I decided to create a little photo reportage about what happened.

I arrived at Manchester airport on Tuesday and was driven to Bradford from there in a car. The infamous English weather was terrible but not really any worse than Gothenburg…

After checking in at the hotel I quickly headed to the National Media Museum where the festival was held. The opening speakers were two of the guys from Amanita Design, Jakub Dvorsky (designer and leader) and Tomas Dvorak (musician). They gave a great talk explaining their work process and showing off their big, grand new game Machinarium (try it now if you haven’t!!!!!). Here’s a picture of the guys directly after the talk. Standing up to the right is one of the organizers, Tom Woolley (thanks again dude!).

I hung out with Jakub and Tomas for the rest of the day and watched a lot of fun and interesting short animations. One of the best was called “Den Lille Dockpojken” by a guy named Johannes Nyholm, here’s a photo I took of it:

The next day Jakub and Tomas had to go home to Czech Republic, which made me a little sad. To cheer myself up I decided to attend the clay workshop that was held by Sarah Quick from Tuna Tech. Sarah is the environment artist for their upcoming game Cletus Clay and she taught me and my fellow workshop participants a lot of really neat tricks for working with clay.

Here’s the crab I made, no comments:

And a “flower”:

After the workshop and a refreshing lunch it was time for me to enter the stage, where I was interviewed by the gentleman David Surman. David is part of so many things I can’t really do justice to him here but suffice it to say that he’s designing games, writing books, making animations, teaching and arranging the GameCity festival… all at the same time it seems. Before my interview he held a talk about game design and technology:

When I made my entrance after roughly 45 minutes we switched the video projection from David’s slideshow to my computer and Blueberry Garden. I played through the beginning of the game to give the audience a hint of how it worked and then we started with questions and answers about the game. It was really fun and I tried explaining things as well as I could about my design process and also more general opinions on games and gaming culture today. Here’s the audience (which consisted mainly of game design students from the Bradford university) directly after the talk:

The rest of the day I spent chatting with David about all things worth discussing in the games industry. To top off such an awesome day the festival showed a movie I’d never heard about before — “Mary and Max“. It was a really, really great animated movie and I advise anyone who has the chance to see it to do so. Here’s a trailer:

The final day was more relaxed, I took some pictures of the nice hotel which happened to be completely covered in nauseating carpets:

Also, the breakfast hall was really nice:

Before I had to leave on Thursday afternoon I met one more cool person, my countryman Jonas Odell. I got the chance to show him my game which he seemed to like a lot! If you don’t know about Jonas, he for example made the video for “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand:

After that I went back to Manchester, the rain pouring down once again. The flight went smoothly and around 10 pm I landed in Gothenburg, tired but very happy and inspired after three such great days.

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6 Comments on “BAF!”

  1. Nic Says:

    Sounds brilliant.
    I live so close but had never heard of it.

  2. mia Says:

    Kul att se! Bautastor publik – coolt! Verkar toppen med ler-worshop – krabban blev grym!/MIA

  3. Kian Says:

    Är det Herr Dvorak till vänster på första bilden? Han ser hur mysig ut som helst, han har ett extremt angenämt ansikte!

    Tack för berättelsen och bilderna! Superkul att läsa och se!

  4. lovebug35 Says:

    awesome photos.

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