Finally! Blueberry Garden 1.1

At last I have finished the first patch of the game. It shouldn’t have taken this long and I’m terribly sorry for that… I could give you a bad excuse or two but instead I will present what the improvements are:

  • Blueberry Playground — Brand new play mode where you can place fruits and creatures into the game world and see how they interact. Easy to use interface and a custom made level for your scientific pleasure!
  • Slightly redesigned level design — A more perfected experience that will work better for new players.
  • Museum Mode — This can be turned on only from the settings.xml file in the content folder. When on it disables the option menu and exit command. The game also restarts automatically if left unattended, perfect for exhibition environments!
  • Alternative key for teleportation — You can now use ‘H’ if your computer lacks a Home-key.
  • Added support for some more screen resolutions from the option menu — If you still need another one, tell me (or change the settings.xml file).
  • You can now use the mouse to navigate the menus
  • Improved stability — I hope that this version will remove quite a bit of the crash issues that some people have experienced

If you still feel a bit reluctant to buy the game, here’s a demo version you can try first (Steam not required).

Huge thanks again to everyone who has supported me!!!


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21 Comments on “Finally! Blueberry Garden 1.1”

  1. Great! Working with that game will make me more excited because I can personalized what ever I want in my playground.

    • Clara Says:

      I only saw 4 out of the 10. kick ass, scot pilgrim, ineopticn and facebook. Social network to me was the best. Kick ass and pilgrim didn´t blew my mind, maybe because I´d read the comics. And inception that I enjoyed greatly, reminded me a lot of shutter island (wich was crap)

  2. I really love to play games like that specially you are the one who design everything.With the blueberry garden I can add up more features to become more beautiful and interesting.

  3. Navid Says:


    Will Steam automatically update my Blueberry Gardens game ?

    I bought it yesterday :)

  4. Austin Says:

    This game doesn’t run on my computer. =[

    Every time I’ve tried it freezes up and my computer says that it’s not responding and needs to be closed. Because of this I’ve not been able to make it very far. =/

    I have vista, could this be causing it? Blueberry garden seems like a good game, I would like to finish it.

  5. tayron Says:

    awesome:) thanks for the patch:)

  6. Aje Says:

    But where can we download this patch ?

  7. DKer Says:

    Hello there, great little fun game you’ve made!
    I wanted to ask what’s the font called you’re using in your game?

  8. Daniel Says:

    Great news – and just one more little reason why Blueberry Garden truly earned the new so-called Creative Excellence Award :-]

    Since it’s in German: It says something like “Blueberry Garden is pretty awesome”

  9. manatree Says:

    I’m curious, is it possible to add support for 1024×600 resolution? This game would be really good on my netbook (it runs fine otherwise).

  10. Guinea Says:

    How about patching the game so it’s more than 15 minutes long. I still feel cheated by my purchase.

  11. Minas Says:

    So I am able to download the demo without steam, but when I want to buy it, is it only possible to get it through the steam network? I recall you saying a few months ago that we would be able to buy it without having to have steam, has this been done, or are you able to say when/if it will be?

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Yes, you can only buy through Steam at the moment. I was previously looking into selling the game through some other portals but I haven’t found any other that I like. My current plan is to create my own web shop where I can sell Blueberry Garden and other things that I make in the future. I currently don’t know when the shop will be live but I’m aiming at early 2010. Sorry if you can’t get the game until then because of this.

      Best wishes,

  12. Archagon Says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to support your game! Out of curiosity, is it possible to play the default game world without the faucet time limit?

  13. kdnewton Says:

    The patch is most welcome :)

    I’m looking forward to trying out the new features and sinking another couple hours into replaying it.

    Honestly, after playing through Blueberry Garden the first time it seemed like there should have been more.

    Thanks for giving us more!

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