A quick status update

Hello dear blog readers! Hope you’re doing fine, here is some news from me:

This week I arrived in San Francisco which is a very nice change from cold Sweden. On Tuesday the Game Developer’s Conference starts, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. After the conference is over I will stay for a while in the US with my girlfriend — very exciting!

Today I decided to finally open a proper Twitter account, so here you have it: twitter.com/e_svedang

Regarding my games I can say that I have several projects coming along nicely, one that is nearly finished. A trailer is on its way so I will keep my mouth shut about what it is just a little bit longer.

Take care,


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4 Comments on “A quick status update”

  1. Erik Sjöstrand Says:

    Sounds great! Nice pic too :) Looking forward to the trailer. I also want to play more Black Rock Samurais Card Game (BRSCG) :D

    Remember to read Heidenstam when the homesickness infects you!

  2. Kian Says:

    Hey Erik! I hope you have a blast in SF and on the rest of your trip! Send the No More Sweden cool cats my best regards, I’m keeping an eye on you and the conference from distance! :D

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