Kometen competition!

Thanks to everyone who has bought Kometen so far, it’s really awesome to see that so many people are playing and enjoying it!

We’re currently working on the first update of the game and to spice things up a little we are going to have a competition. To participate you have to draw (or scribble) an object that you think would be interesting for a comet to find while traveling through space. Send the image file (scan it in first if you drew on a paper) to niklas [at] grafikbyran.com

The five objects we like the most will be translated into watercolor space debris by Nicke and put into the next version of the game. The original drawings will also be put up here on the site for display (with the name of their creators of course). We might do something with the other submissions too, but first we have to see how many people want to participate.

Deadline for the competition is Wednesday, May 26th.

So don’t be shy, take the chance to get your idea into Kometen! Post any questions in the comments below.

Take care,
Erik & Nicke

PS. We do this just as a fun thing so please don’t try to sue us for stealing your idea or anything. Peace!

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14 Comments on “Kometen competition!”

  1. FredBurger Says:

    How do we know if we won or lost?

  2. Is it too late to submit something?

  3. Isaac Says:

    I början tänkte jag, är det här slöseri med pengar men sedan jag börja spela det har jag inte kunnat sluta :D haha jag borde nog rita ngt.

  4. FredBurger Says:

    I entered the contest!!!!!!!!! I really hope i win!!!! It would be an honor to have taken part in this work of art :)

  5. […] teeth” going through my head all day, so I made this watercolor tooth painting as part of the Kometen art competition in hopes that my tooth (or something like it) would end up in their iPhone […]

  6. J-Bonezz Says:

    I Like kometen. I cant wait For The first update!!

  7. Cale Says:

    I really want to participate in this contest but I don’t have a scaner. (and I am horrible at MS paint) do you think I could draw it and then take a picture of it with a regular camera. Then after that I could just send you the picture and you could, like, recreate it? Please reply!

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