Kometen update is out with iPad support and tons of new content!


It’s a great pleasure to finally reveal the update for Kometen. Me and Nicke have worked hard on this for two months, adding lots of things and tweaking what was already there. Here’s the changes:

  • iPad support through universal binary. You just have to see this in motion :)
  • Different regions to explore with new and unique music, backgrounds and objects
  • Improved controls (quicker and smoother maneuvering of your comet)
  • More food, debris and other fantastic things to see on your journey (including five objects from the drawing competition, more info below)
  • Killing your comet now requires confirmation (tap five times in the upper left corner on the comet stats screen)
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements

So what are you waiting for, go get the update! And if you don’t own the game yet — buy it here.

Winners of the Debris Drawing Competition

A while back we had a drawing competition where we let anyone who wanted submit drawings with ideas for debris to be added in the game. We selected five winners and — drum roll — here they are:

By Ted Martens (click the image to see the awesome animation)

By Calegaster

By Inlagd Sill

By Rowan Tedge (things went out of control with this one!)

By Houille (this concept was too fun not to be done)

Congratulations to all the winners, very good job! And thanks to everyone who participated, there was a lot of great stuff :) Nicke has used these drawings as reference images for five new objects in the game (we also added some touches of our own). Get the update to see how they look!

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20 Comments on “Kometen update is out with iPad support and tons of new content!”

  1. Mikey Says:

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could maybe put kometen on sale??? It looks like a really awesome game but I’ve only got a dollar credit left and it’d be nice if I didn’t have to get a whole new iTunes card just to get one app. So if you could reduce the price to a dollar it’d be greatly appreciated. Reply soon, thx guys!

  2. Simon Says:

    Can we expect an iPhone 4 retina display version as well?
    As a game in which its beautiful art is such a big part it would be wonderful to have it in full, crisp resolution.

  3. Aleksdez Says:

    hey mr Erik and nicke! I just wanted to ask if there was any meaning behind the new planets in the blue section, mabye if they represented anything?
    Anyways kometen is my favorite app and i was thrilled when I got the update
    love the music!

    • grenig Says:

      Thank you for those kind words=)

      Well Aleksdez, all the planets have their own special meaning. They all represent something and it is up to you to decide for yourself what that might be.


  4. grenig Says:

    Well the Dala Horse surely deserves some appreciation so… why not be a little vain?=)


  5. Hannah Smith Says:

    Where are the new regions to explore? Downloaded the update and the map screen is exactly the same…

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Hi! You should see the new regions in the background of the map, they have different colors. They are placed around the edges of the universe. Hope you’ll like them!


    • grenig Says:

      Yeah its kinda like a “revisit” thing going on. We felt we had to make the alrady existing regions more complete and interesting.


  6. houille Says:

    hey Great update, and i’m glad to see my garden gnome in space ;) (I just cross cthulhu too !)

    Thx for all (and for the EndOfTheUniverse )

  7. reallyjoel Says:

    I like garden gnomes!

  8. Cale Gaster Says:

    Yes! I like the monster arm you added. I wish I would have thought of that. How many people submited drawings?

    • grenig Says:

      We had like 16 submissions (I thought there were gonna be more but I´m glad for the ones we got!).

      Yeah it just felt like the arm had to be there. Glad you liked that little detail! It is abit scary to alter other peoples drawings so now I can rest easy.


  9. inlagd Says:

    While the update is downloading right now, I wonder if I should get down to the new content immediately or take some time to celebrate my humble Dala Horse appearance first. Yay!

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