Announcing: Shot Shot Shoot

Hi everybody,

I was one of the people who got quite excited when Apple announced their iPad back in January. Not because I wanted yet another gadget to let me surf the internet or read e-books in bed or whatever. No — what I was excited about was the possibilities of playing games together on a computer that is placed face up in the middle of the table. I’ve always loved playing board games and luckily I have a big family who’s also way into that. There is something about the tension of sitting face to face with your opponent that really excites me, maybe it’s because that’s how games have been enjoyed for thousands of years (anyone who’s ever played a game of Chess or Go knows what I’m talking about). The possibilities for games that take this kind of ancient setup and adds the special powers of a computer is really intriguing to me.

The moment I got hold of my iPad I started working on a small game for two players. I called it “Shot Shot Shoot” because it explains the gameplay pretty well. It’s fast, to the point and highly competitive. I built the game in my spare time during the Kometen project and every Friday for a couple of months I brought it to a bar in New York where a bunch of game developers go for beer.

One of the developers was Frank Lantz from area/code (he’s the guy on the right) and he seemed to really like the game. Motivated by his enthusiasm, and all the other positive feedback from people I have showed the game to, I have spent the summer here in Sweden polishing it, adding computer AI opponents and composing music.

And so… a couple of weeks ago the first world Shot Shot Shoot championship was arranged! Here’s how it looked in all it’s indie celebrity glory:

The game is live now on the App Store, get it there for only $1 during a limited time.

And here‘s the official page with more information, etc.

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9 Comments on “Announcing: Shot Shot Shoot”

  1. David Says:

    Great Game! Really like it.
    Any plans for updates? (Tournement mode for example?)

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Thanks a lot! I have some ideas that I’d like to add… tournament mode is one of them. We’ll see what happens, I have a lot of projects going on right now.


  2. Luis Says:

    Why not for iPhone?

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Yeah, why not? :)

      I wanted to focus on the iPad first but I’ll see how well it plays on the smaller iPhone screen, hopefully it can work.

      Take care,

  3. Gratz to the release and good luck mate :D I have plenty fun playing the game, although I got my ass kicked most of the time.

  4. rapp Says:

    Om ändå iPaden var tillgänglig i Sverige :(

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