Mansedanse PLAY!

Hi everyone,

I just came home from a great little trip to Tampere, Finland. Some cool people there arranged a festival called MANSEDANSE and as part of this Petri Purho and I were invited to talk about our games and indie games in general. Here are some blurry pictures that I took with my phone during the stay…

There were a lot of old, beautiful factory buildings in Tampere

... and the location for the event was at one of those old factories.

Games and other computer stuff were on display (including "Blueberry Garden" and Petri's "Crayon Physics Deluxe" on a touch screen!)

I got to listen to Tristan Perich's "1-Bit Symphony" which was awesome

I took a picture of the audience right before giving my lecture called "Three Games I've Made". I must have looked terrifying since so few people dared to sit in the front.

The second day I gave a workshop on card game design. Thanks a lot to Eevi from the game development club 'Score' who made it happen!

These people are playing the freshly made "Around the World in 80 Days - the card game". Other themes included "Twilight", "Terminator" & "Robin Hood"

Later Petri and I playtested a card game I'm working on.

A lucky dice roll :)

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5 Comments on “Mansedanse PLAY!”

  1. Jonnie Says:

    Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thfnkaul for your help.

  2. Niklas Says:

    Thanks once more for your interesting lecture, it was a pleasure to have you here in Tampere! See you again next year :)

  3. Sanny Says:

    Wow, with dice rolls like that … could it be that you actually won for once? :-) Looking forward to playing the latest version!

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