Nordic Game Program gives us a grant!

Me and Nicke at the ceremony dinner yesterday

A couple of months ago Niklas Åkerblad (the artist who I made ‘Kometen‘ together with) and I applied for a grant to make a new game together. The wait has felt long but now it’s official – we got the money!!! Needless to say we are both totally psyched for getting this great opportunity and we really feel it’s going to be something special. We will soon release some information about the game, but until then I’ll just say that it’s a very ambitious and exciting idea that I’ve wanted to make ever since I released ‘Blueberry Garden’.

Finally I want to thank the Nordic Game Program for their work and that they exist and that they believe in us! THANKS!!!


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8 Comments on “Nordic Game Program gives us a grant!”

  1. Horror Games Says:

    I loved the game. Waiting for its sequel.

  2. beck Says:

    blueberry garden sequel? please? <3

  3. Lindsey Says:

    Eriksvedang and Niklas Akerblad i just finshed the game Kometen and its my favorite game i found for my ipod.It was wonderful i loved all the fetures and amazing colors i also love art you must absolutely make more games and please make more like Kometen or add more to it i would buy them all.

  4. mia Says:

    Det här är verkligen såååå spännande! Lycka till till dig och Nicke! Jag ser verkligen fram mot att få följa hur idéerna tar form i er spejsade fantasivärld!/MIA

  5. Jacob Riis Says:

    Hi Erik, Good to meet you thursday. As I mentioned there, I would love to invite you as a speaker for our indie track at Nordic Game 2011. Are you still up for it? If yes, then I’ll notify Lau and Dajana from CPHGC who’s helping me with creating the track.


    PS: I noticed that you’re linking Nordic Game Program with Could you change that to instead? Thanks :-)

  6. Joel Says:

    btw, most pretentious game name ever. =)

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