Holiday sale!!!

My three games are on sale for the rest of December:

Bluberry Garden ($1)
Kometen ($1)
Shot Shot Shoot ($1)

Thanks for a truly fantastic year everybody !


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16 Comments on “Holiday sale!!!”

  1. […] o Open Circuit. Art Games y/o indiegames como los de Molleindustria, Tales of Tales, el galardonado Blueberry Garden de Erik Svedäng o Eufloria de Alex Rudolf. Echando un vistazo al catálogo uno encuentra nombres […]

  2. Ross Cherry Says:

    Man, when well see teh new game yours on pc?
    BG wuz awesome, u promised a new game…

  3. the Yoho Says:

    Is there a chance of Blueberry Garden on the Mac? Maybe the new and popular app store? Or iOS?

    I love Kometen and Shot Shot Shoot and am very interested in Blueberry Garden but do not have windows ;(

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Hi! I use Mac a lot too so I agree that it’d be very nice. I haven’t found a good way to do it though… the technology I used to build Blueberry Garden with (“XNA”) is made by Microsoft and hard to port from :( We’ll see what happens in the future. All my future games will work on Mac though I hope!

  4. […] al costo di 4.99$ ciascuno. Nel caso non doveste averli potete prenderli entrambi per soli 7.99$.Erik Svedang: il giovane sviluppatore svedese ha deciso di mettere in offerta i suoi ultimi tre giochi […]

  5. Sanny Says:

    Jag äger ju redan Blueberry Garden och Kometen, men lovar att köpa Shot Shot Shoot om jag får en iPad i julklapp.

    God jul och gott nytt år, Erik. Se till att spela mycket över helgerna!

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