It’s party time!

My favorite game magazine together with my favorite game collective are arranging what will probably be my favorite party of the year. Info and tickets here!

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7 Comments on “It’s party time!”

  1. mia Says:

    Det låter hur kul som helst! Ha det bra!/MIA

  2. joel Says:

    Not to mention you get extra points if you bring your backpack, Erik!

  3. Cool! I love Kill Screen Magazine. At Nordic Game Jam I talked a lot with Jamin Brophy-Warren who is a really nice guy.

    Unfortunately I can’t go to the US just like that (I’m from Denmark), even though I would love to.

    Have a good party!

    Ps. I really enjoyed Shot Shot Shoot.

  4. Omg! That is so awesome! :D

    I can’t come.. :/ But I can help fund it!

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