My latest collaborative project TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK is out on the App Store today! It’s is a faster and more extreme remix version of my previous creation Shot Shot Shoot. The new game features tons of music and art by the super-talented electronic music artist Triobelisk and you can get it here for the special launch price of $1!

But first, let’s look at the trailer:

Hope you like the game!

Take care,

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11 Comments on “Announcing: TRI-TRI-TRIOBELISK”

  1. zakstudio Says:

    Any chance to see it on android?

  2. mia Says:

    Kul att se trailern! Vilka är skådisarna?/MIA

  3. David Says:

    Can’t buy!
    Big ShotShotShoot fan, tried to buy this at once!
    Can’t bcs, ‘Article is beeing changed’… german AppStore.

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