Secret Arcade Jam Entries

FirewallCade 4

We held a game jam for people to make games that can be played inside Else Heart.Break(). A bunch of great people participated and made a whole range of games – from a detective story to a quiz and an almost 3D dog simulator. These will all be on various computers and arcade machines around the city of Dorisburg.

The awesome entries are after the jump, check them out!

Shoot Space Triangles by Bunny Hero

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 09.35.39

Bow ‘n’ arrow by Lucas Olsson


Fartgupp by Emil Andersson & Viktória Papp

fartgupp gameplay

Code Caper by ZDog Technology

code caper

FireWallCade by Tihomir Kit & Dalibor Mesarić

FirewallCade 3



Relatively Fun Shmup Escapade by Athene Allen


Crime Story by Ulf Hartelius

crime story

Traffic! by Daniel Calacanti

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 21.09.47

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  1. […] last weekend a Secret Arcade Jam was held, organized by Erik Svedäng for his else Heart.break() game. The goal was to create a […]

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