Imaging the Future


I’m back in Sweden after going to the Imaging the Future symposium in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. I was invited there to talk about Else Heart.Break() and especially emotions in video games. The symposium was part of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, or NIFFF for short. I can highly recommend the festival, it was a really well organised event and the location was absolutely gorgeous. Here are some pictures from my trip, thanks to everyone who made it so nice!

Me talking.

Me talking.


One of many statues in the town.


The beach promenade.


The castle giving the city its name.


Chris Carter writing autographs.


Some of my fabulous conference friends: me, Stephanie Barish from Indiecade, Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, Delphine Jeanneret (organizer) & Erik Geslin.




Sunset through a dirty car window.

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One Comment on “Imaging the Future”

  1. Looks like impressions we’re unforgettable.

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