Blueberry Garden (preview)

To get the latest news regarding the release of the game, please go to the front page of this site.


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Blueberry Garden is my current big project. It won the award for “Best Innovation” at Swedish Game Awards 2008 and the Seamus McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival 2009. Stay tuned for more information!










165 Comments on “Blueberry Garden (preview)”

  1. […] toekomst van de games niet in grote schietspellen, maar in games die briljant zijn in hun eenvoud. Blueberry garden was hierbij het succesnummer van de […]

  2. from yesterday Says:

    I wait 11 june

  3. Jason Dudek Says:

    You guys want it free? C’mon, I thought I heard that Erik spent something like 200k developing this game, the least we could do is pay the small fee! Support indies!

    • Ryan Daniels Says:

      If I’m not terribly mistaken you are thinking of braid.

      But yes, I don’t know how they got the insane idea that he was going to just give it a way for free.

  4. Tom Says:


  5. Marshcroft Says:

    Looks like Joel the party pooper did what I should have done some time ago and abandon ship. Just forget anything about this game, 2 release dates now both times nothing is made available, and all this time I was a serious fan of a game that I have no knowledge on other than it won an award.

  6. Beunhaas Says:

    I don’t know man. My hands were shaking at 20:00 when te countdown timer was gone, but 2 hours and 20 minutes later still no good..
    He is having a party right now, check the front page.

  7. Beunhaas Says:

    Yes,yes, you got that right!
    Beunhaas feels cheated too.

  8. Tom Says:

    tom feels cheated

  9. Tom Says:


  10. Bonpri Says:

    Heard about this from Steam, looking forward to this!

  11. satan Says:

    yeah where is it !?

  12. Beunhaas Says:

    Yes indeed! Where is it?!:O

  13. Ryan Daniels Says:

    Also, the timer ran out; where’s my blueberry garden? >:(

  14. Beunhaas Says:


  15. Beunhaas Says:

    Erik, no jokes please. Dyson is free, and a cool game too :)

  16. Beunhaas Says:

    It HAS to be free, or else it will lose it’s ‘touch’ ;)

  17. TragicLlama Says:

    I just did some searching and found out that it’s $5. That’s awesome too.

  18. TragicLlama Says:

    Wait… free? Awesome! I hope so!

  19. TragicLlama Says:

    Same q as satan…

  20. Beunhaas Says:

    Pay? Purchase? I thought it was going to be free..

  21. satan Says:

    2 hours to go …. how much will i have to pay?

  22. […] might have a good chance of that, too: Blueberry Garden has already won an award at 2009’s Independent Games Festival and indie star And Yet It Moves is […]

  23. Tom Says:

    How much will it cost?

  24. Esquar Says:

    I don’t like steam, can’t I just buy it from you?

  25. from yesterday Says:

    8 june, NOW! >:-(

  26. Jason Dudek Says:

    1 day until the unlock on Steam! Congrats, Erik, on your accomplishments! Can’t wait to purchase it tomorrow!!

  27. […] Blueberry Garden is a playground of exploration and oddities. It’s beautifully calming yet fast-paced. […]

  28. […] Blueberry Garden is a playground of exploration and oddities. It’s beautifully calming yet fast-paced. […]

  29. […] out his website for more info and a […]

  30. Ample Sanity Says:

    […] socks off? A.B. Sculpture Studio and Jim: Skullgallery are good bets. For you indie game lovers, Blueberry Garden hits Steam Monday Jun 8. In the meantime, enjoy platformers De Toren and Polkadot. TwitterJoy […]

  31. Beunhaas Says:

    6Days and 11Hours remaining!:)

  32. Klaus Nielsen Says:

    Please! You have to make a Mac version of this. I have to play this game!

  33. […] Svedang’s Blueberry Garden now has a release date attached. This year’s Seumas McNally Grand Prize winner will be […]

  34. crapponator Says:

    is this game available on steam?

  35. Beunhaas Says:

    Just about 1 hour and ten minutes until end of the day. Maybe that one hour and those ten minutes are my lucky ones :)

  36. Madison Says:

    Still waiting, please let me give you my money for this game! :)

  37. marshcroft Says:

    It would be nice if Steam or the developer could give us fans a little insight into whats going on with this or if there is an estimate to the delay.

  38. Tom Says:

    Lets hope its not a Rick Roll

  39. Ryan Daniels Says:

    Let’s hope it’s tomorrow *crosses fingers*

  40. Beunhaas Says:

    Yes indeed! Maybe tomorrow ;p haha

  41. marshcroft Says:

    1 day left of the month, and nothing on here or steam about the release, it would seem this is going to have a long delay, is there any chance of just a demo of the game to come out??

  42. bevan Says:

    Looks really great

  43. montyseth Says:

    It not released yet. Can’t wait more

  44. from yesterday Says:

    I love this style, I can’t wait!

  45. beunhaas Says:

    I can’t wait, I can’t wait!

  46. Sally Says:

    Where can I download this game?
    I want to play it.

    Can you send me this game?
    If you can, please send me my e-mail..

    -I’m Korean. so.. grammer ..bad(…)

  47. kwyjibo Says:

    I’d also just noticed that the game has fallen off Steam’s upcoming list.

    The info page still claims it’s coming in May. Can we get a heads up?

  48. Ryan Daniels Says:

    Hey, I’ve been watching this for a while now, and I recently saw it in the steam upcoming games list. However, it recently disappeared from that list, even though it is still listed as coming out this month. Are you still planning on releasing this month?

  49. jeeves Says:

    a mac version would be fantastic !

  50. montyseth Says:

    amazing graphics but tell me when the game is going to released.

  51. Elvios Brevi Says:

    Great game! beatiful style.

  52. […] não teve um release oficial, apenas um trailer. Vejam o trailer diretamente na página de Svedang, aqui. E aguardem um review completo aqui no Gamerview quando o game for lançado (para […]

  53. Spdyrel Says:

    For all of you asking go to coming soon tab and it shows it with the release next month!

  54. Spdyrel Says:

    Great looking game! Can’t wait for the release on Steam.

  55. […] – Seumas McNally Grand Prize : Blueberry Garden, by Erik Svedang (trailer) Innovation (Nuovo) Award : Between, by Jason Rohrer (jeu complet) […]

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