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Imaging the Future

July 12, 2015


I’m back in Sweden after going to the Imaging the Future symposium in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. I was invited there to talk about Else Heart.Break() and especially emotions in video games. The symposium was part of the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival, or NIFFF for short. I can highly recommend the festival, it was a really well organised event and the location was absolutely gorgeous. Here are some pictures from my trip, thanks to everyone who made it so nice!



Escaping the ice

February 24, 2011

If that boat keeps going forward it will end up in America!

Tomorrow I’ll go to San Francisco to attend the Game Developer’s Conference. My game Shot Shot Shoot is nominated for the “Best Mobile Game” award at IGF, you can read all about it here if you like. I hope it will be a fun trip!

Mansedanse PLAY!

October 9, 2010

Hi everyone,

I just came home from a great little trip to Tampere, Finland. Some cool people there arranged a festival called MANSEDANSE and as part of this Petri Purho and I were invited to talk about our games and indie games in general. Here are some blurry pictures that I took with my phone during the stay…

There were a lot of old, beautiful factory buildings in Tampere


A quick status update

March 8, 2010

Hello dear blog readers! Hope you’re doing fine, here is some news from me:

This week I arrived in San Francisco which is a very nice change from cold Sweden. On Tuesday the Game Developer’s Conference starts, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. After the conference is over I will stay for a while in the US with my girlfriend — very exciting!

Today I decided to finally open a proper Twitter account, so here you have it:

Regarding my games I can say that I have several projects coming along nicely, one that is nearly finished. A trailer is on its way so I will keep my mouth shut about what it is just a little bit longer.

Take care,


Nordic Game Jam 2010

February 11, 2010


November 17, 2009

Last week I went to Bradford, England to speak at the 16th Bradford Animation Festival. It was a really great experience in a lot of ways so I decided to create a little photo reportage about what happened.


Talking at Assembly

August 12, 2009



Last Friday I went to Assembly in Helsinki to give a seminar. The title of my talk was “Creating Blueberry Garden – how to get away with bad design choices (sort of)”. It went pretty ok and some nice people in the audience even wanted to get me as a speaker at their uni :)

Apart from giving the talk I mainly spent my time with Petri Purho and Cactus (who both were giving their own lectures) in some of the nice parks in Helsinki — great times!

Take care,