Kometen Support Page

Do you have technical problems with the game? Post any questions in below.

How do I restart the game so I get to play from the beginning again?

Go to the character screen (the one with the name of your comet) and tap five times in the same spot. This will kill your comet and turn of the app. The next time you start it you will see the intro sequence and get a new comet.


24 Comments on “Kometen Support Page”

  1. Kaye Says:

    Is there any hope for ios11 compatibility ?

  2. Hello Erik ! I suggest this amazing game is no more supported , but i’d like to share with you a bug [ iOS 9.3 , iPad Air 1 ] when in menu pressing the “return to game button” game simply closes , and i have to launch it again . I hope you will find a minute to fix that , and I will be much grateful for that .
    Though in 2016 this game still is cool and beautiful c:

  3. Stelios Says:

    Will there be an update for iphone 5 screen support ?

  4. Poul Nielsen Says:

    The Sound and Music has disappeared after upgrading to ios7, is there going to be an Update?

  5. emily m Says:

    Will kometen ever be on the android google play store? I absolutely love this game and have since broken my ipod touch!

  6. Adam Says:

    Hi. I really enjoy writing reviews for different types of apps that I find on the App Store. I stumbled upon your app when looking for a good game and thought it fit the very part well. I was wondering if you would send me a promo code for Kometen so I can review it on my blog. Once the review is written and has been posted, I will E-mail you back immediately. If you’d like to check out my blog and my other reviews, please come here: igodipodreviews.blogspot.com

    Many Thanks,

  7. Jovrick Says:

    Hey, are you guys ever going to release a Kometen soundtrack? I’d buy it!

  8. Josh Says:

    I got to the end of the universe and saw my password, but couldn’t write it down. When I came back to the game not mere minutes after we I got a pen, the password was gone. Can I get the password again?

  9. Pat Says:

    In my honest opinion, the game is very good!
    I was wondering if you can add more stuff in the gameplay… but still i like thae game i keep going back and back..

  10. Vito Says:

    it’s possible to get the soundtrack of this incredible game?? I really love it!

    Thanks Vito

  11. Mark Says:

    so what do i do with the password i get once i have discovered all the planets?

  12. Kyle Says:

    Hi Erik,

    I came across a small audio bug when I was playing. After locking and unlocking the device, the background music doesn’t always start playing again. Here’s a link to a more detailed description of the problem if you’re interested:


    I’m loving the game. Keep up the great work.

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Thanks a lot for that useful information! I think waiting for a while will make the music start again but of course it should start immediately. I will see if I can find a fix for this.


  13. Jacques Says:

    Look Erik, I really do like the idea of this game. But these days, I’d rather by a universal app than an iPhone specific app.

    Will you release a version please, for the iPad as well? ..or that works natively on both platforms?


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