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A comet has been born, please take good care of it! Explore the universe and learn how to fly in a graceful way. A beautiful and memorable experience for everyone, out on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch now.

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Niklas Åkerblad — art, animation, sound, music
Erik Svedäng — game design, programming


If you have a technical problems with the game, please go to this page.

What people have said about it

“This is a remarkable addition to the app store that will separate itself from the crowded offerings of the same old same old with its own style and polish. Taking a seat next to Zen Bound, Kometen utilizes the unique aspects of the device perfectly and will be that app you want to share (show off perhaps?) with friends.” — No dpad

Kometen rules because it engages us in such a simple way with non-linear goals that promote the joy of flying through space, attaching our comet to the planetary pulls of Issac Newton’s famous law, and engaging with nothing but inanimate objects and isolation.” — Kyle Wallace, Good Game Get!

“It’s no wonder that arthouse games like Kometen are considered iconoclasts. Not only do they challenge our preconceptions of what games should be, they even call into question our morality on what technology should be used for.” — Jason Johnson, Finger Gaming

“With simple goals, remarkable art, and perfectly paired music, Kometen is a really cool experience that seems to elicit the same kind of feelings as Zen Bound and other games that hinge more on atmosphere and mood than high scores and boss fights.” — Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

“Like developer Svedang’s previous effort Blueberry Garden, Kometen feels less like a video game and more like an interactive piece of art. All of the elements of a video game are there – gameplay, objectives, discovery – but these components seem to serve the artistic endeavour rather than the other way around. Sure you orbit planets, eat cosmic junk, and travel at a thousand times the speed of light – but you’re not really sure why. Kometen is an experience for the sake of experience.” — Jim Squires, Gamezebo



Cover art


86 Comments on “Kometen Official Page”

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  2. chris lee Says:

    make it for pc.

  3. […] and releasing his own music, El Huervo also created soundtracks to accompany video games, including Kometen for iOS, else { Heart.break() }, and Clairvoyance. He also had a few tracks appear on the […]

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  5. Brett Says:

    I upgraded my phone and lost my save data after beating this charming game. Loved every minute of it. Could you email me the password again? Cheers.

  6. […] eigentlich eher enttäuscht. Dafür haben beide mit Solar 2 [App Store], das aufgrund von Kometen Kometen nicht unähnlich ist, viel Spaß gehabt – ein ruhiger Ausstieg aus einer ohnehin viel zu ruhigen […]

  7. […] Erik Svedäng, mest känd för Blueberry Garden och Kometen, höll ett föredrag för min klass i slutet av förra terminen. Han sa något jag fastnade för, […]

  8. […] aber eher enttäuscht. Dafür haben beide mit Solar 2 [App Store], das aufgrund von Kometen Kometen nicht unähnlich ist, viel Spaß gehabt – ein ruhiger Ausstieg aus einer ohnehin viel zu ruhigen […]

  9. […] eigentlich eher enttäuscht. Dafür haben beide mit Solar 2 [App Store], das aufgrund von Kometen Kometen nicht unähnlich ist, viel Spaß gehabt – ein ruhiger Ausstieg aus einer ohnehin viel zu ruhigen […]

  10. Dan Says:

    Really loved the game and had a blast playing it. Wish it didn’t have to end. I have an issue with the End of the Universe page because I lost the password when I went to safari to go to the page. Can you email it to me or something?

  11. Cid Says:

    Hey there, I really loved your game and specially the end of the universe !
    I have an issue because I don’t have an iphone any more et I can’t remember the password for the end of universe page, Is there any way you could give it to me ?

    Thanks again !

  12. […] Kometen is a gorgeous exploration experience developed by Erik Svedäng, developer of the IGF-winning Blueberry Garden. Filled with beautiful watercolour art by Niklas Åkerblad, there is no real goal as such – the idea is to shoot around the universe discovering planets and seeing the sights. […]

  13. […] var lite snabba tips. Andra bra, snygga spel är: Whale Trail, Geodefence-spelen, Kometen, Edge och Surfacer+. Lite tankar om spel alltså, och en hel del länkar. Jag är alltid på jakt […]

  14. Deryous Says:

    This game was really fun. I found myself playing all the time. I finished in 3 days!! Are there going to be updates? Expansion Of The Universe?? It was too fun to end. Thanks for the entertainment!!

  15. n8gray Says:

    I really enjoyed the game and found all the planets. I got the end of the universe URL, switched to safari to type it in, switched back to Kometen to get the password, but then it was gone. Can you email it please? n8gray .at. n8gray .dot. org

    You might consider making the URL a tappable link to prevent this kind of frustrating experience in what’s otherwise an awesome game.

  16. […] indie game designer currently based in Gothenburg. He has created games as Blueberry Garden, Kometen and Shot Shot […]

  17. […] Kometen è un gioco per iPad (e iPhone). Non si tratta però del tipico videogame: non ci sono nemici da sconfiggere, misteri da risolvere, gettoni da raccogliere o un traguardo a cui arrivare il più in fretta possibile. C’è solo una buffa cometa, tutta sola in un universo fatto di pianeti e pianetini in cui può vagare orbitando. […]

  18. […] Kometen è un gioco per iPad (e iPhone). Non si tratta però del tipico videogame: non ci sono nemici da sconfiggere, misteri da risolvere, gettoni da raccogliere o un traguardo a cui arrivare il più in fretta possibile. C’è solo una buffa cometa, tutta sola in un universo fatto di pianeti e pianetini in cui può vagare orbitando. […]

  19. Michelle Says:


    This game looks so amazing and beautiful.
    Have you thought about making a version for Android?

  20. […] week’s iOS app review is a game called Kometen, which was programmed by Erik Svedäng, with art and music by Niklas Åkerblad. Erik is most […]

  21. […] Blueberry Garden berättade Erik om processerna bakom och själva arbetet med Kometen som finns till Iphone och Ipad. Kometen är ett fantastiskt vackert spel med art work av Niklas […]

  22. z00ey Says:

    I like this game a lot. I don’t hold with all that guff about it not involving “doing much”. That’s not what it’s about! Thanks for a great game, guys.

  23. […] A friend introduced me to Kometen, and he excused it for the fact that there was no goal in it by saying “all you really do is learn to fly elegantly” (he hadn’t yet worked out that there is art to be found). It’s understandable that some reviewers were put out by this. It is the prerogative of mainstream reviewers to alert their readers if they think they’re not going to get what they want from a purchase. And mainstream reviewers—even of casual games—usually assume that a game will have an overarching objective beyond simple exploration. But does it have to? I think not. What Kometen lacks in objective, it more than makes up for in beauty and sheer mood. Learning to fly elegantly is very enjoyable, and tracking down the various works of art feels like a new kind of experience in a game. It’s not insanely addictive, but that’s hardly the point. Go buy it at the app store or visit the developers’ website. […]

  24. Al Says:

    Great game! The art work is stunning and very refreshing!

  25. […] till IGF 2011: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Cobalt Continuity 2 Dwarfs!? Dynastica Hostile Sector Kometen Life/Death/Island Minecraft Nimbus Shot Shot Shoot The Dream Machine World’s […]

  26. Vaynard Says:

    Great work!! I will play it right away!
    Do you have another games??

  27. carokazah Says:

    We love the game 9 me and my 4 year orld) You should thing little ones would go for flashy disney fairies 6 bucks apps kind of sh*** but NO the app she loves most is Kometen! I discovered reading the comments that there war actually something to find or do… we didn’t even get that. we have been playing for month just travelling through space feeding it, going fast and enjoying the graphic. Really great work guys. Love you original approach with the graphics ( I am an interaction design so… I have an eye :-) )

  28. Stefan Says:


    Sounds quite interesting, but what does it actually? I hope for some kind of story, puzzles or I don’t know at least some interesting very different looking places with something abstract going on there. Whatever, some dream-like content. I am not sure, if I will buy yet, but I’ll keep an eye on it. There is to less description for me …

    Also I wonder, if it supports the iPhone 4 Retina-Display’s high resolution?
    Thanks in advance!

    I just hope, there are some things to discover – if it’s just empty space, it would be to less for me, although I like the style VERY much. I enjoyed great abstract games like samorost a lot. Hope to see some reason to buy it soon.


  29. […] reference you can thank the sponsors. Posted in Mobile Game, Video Tags: iphone / mobile, Kometen, Video « Video games develop […]

  30. […] Erik Svedäng para iPad Publicado em agosto 4, 2010 por Jandeilson De Sousa Erik Svedäng (Kometen, Blueberry Garden) lança seu primeiro game para iPad, Shot Shot Shot, um game que retrata de […]

  31. […] Erik Svedang Distributore: Erik […]

  32. […] Åkerblad and Erik Svedäng has created an iPhone/iPad game known as Kometen. Niklas held a presentation at No More Sweden explaining how he worked out the artwork for the […]

  33. Lou Says:

    where do u go 2 enter the password after finding all the planets?

  34. […] are games for all different moods.  Competitive.  Joking.  Obsessive compulsive.  Kometen is a game for relaxation. […]

  35. […] Do you need to be able to win or lose? Does it need a clear objective? Is it a series of choices? Kometen is a “game” that will mess with some people’s ideals of what a game is, which is no surprise […]

  36. […] Kometen est un jeu iPhone aux graphismes atypiques… […]

  37. Owen Says:

    I love the game!
    Very relaxing and everything is just nice to look at.
    But is something supposed to happen when you’ve discovered all the planets?
    I’ve gone to them all, but I haven’t gotten a password or anything (I read a review that said that you get a password when you finish).

  38. […] look elsewhere, but if pretty and simple are your cup of tea, this one is great. Developer: Erik Svedang Price: $2.99 Version Reviewed: […]

  39. […] deze zo prachtig getekend zijn, en omdat de reis zelf een bijna hypnotiserend uitwerking heeft, is Kometen meer dan de moeite […]

  40. […] by this post. Also if you’re looking for some great and different game experience check out this game. It really proves that games can be very powerful just experiences. You don’t need any high […]

  41. […] är Erik Svedäng som ligger bakom spelet kan man nog räkna med att det är värt varenda krona. eriksvedang.com Läs vidare och kommentera: spel.feber.se/art/179539/kometen-har-landat/ —– Detta är […]

  42. […] eriksvedang.com […]

  43. […] Kometen é um lindo jogo de plataforma desenvolvido por Erik Svedäng, o ganhador do IGF com o seu jogo Blueberry Garden. Cheio da linda arte em estilo aquarela feita por Niklas Åkerblad, o jogo não te dá uma missão em sí, mas a idéia é ir pelo universo descobrindo novos planetas e vistas. […]

  44. […] Kometen é a recente criação de Erik Svedäng (criador do game para PC Blueberry Garden) ao lado de Niklas Åkerblad. Em Kometen, tudo que você fará é guiar um cometa pelo o universo e é assim que se resume o game. Estes pequenos fatores podem ser considerados apenas um consolo para o verdadeiro potencial de Kometen, já que ele dispõe de um auto nível de interatividade tomada totalmente pela a experiência artística e músicas envolvente. […]

  45. […] is the freedom of choice. Not only for consumers but for developers as well. Kometen developed by Eric Svedang and Niklas Akerbald is the perfect example of a relaxing and intriguing experience in the guise of […]

  46. oscillateur Says:

    Wonderful application, simple yet so full of details… It actually makes me smile everytime I play it, so thanks for that.

    It’s so nice that I actually left a rating on the appstore (the last time I did that was for Envirobear :) ). 5 stars of course…

    This is what more indie games should try to be : original enough, well-made, and above all genuinely enjoyable. And cheaper than a beer :).

  47. Tony Rayo Says:

    Some of the images seem reminiscent of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” paperbacks covers. Were you inspired by Douglas Adams’ work in any way?

    • eriksvedang Says:

      Hmm, good question. I’ve read the books and liked them but I don’t think they influenced this game. As for the art, Nicke has to answer for himself.

    • grenig Says:

      Well I never really read the books (Im more of a Isaac Asimov kinda guy). If there is any external inspiration for the art in this game at all it would probably be the comic Usagi Yojimbo. And some Star Trek i guess=)

      I will look into the paperback covers for sure though. Sounds interesting.


  48. […] Kometen Tagged:appleclipsiphoneituneskometen […]

  49. Inlagd Says:

    I enjoy Kometen a lot. It’s a wonderful idea with a great execution and attention to details. The overall experience is very pleasing, however after playing it for a long time, I’ve came across these ideas:

    1. It would be very nice to have a name change option. Or the ability to name a comet removed at all (no function & adds nothing to the game).

    2. Personally I’ve found no use for the rotation lock option.

    2. The application icon sure looks better without reflection.

    3. I crave for updates since I’ve read about them in the comments.

    4. Can we have a small official soundtrack to fit this beautiful cover art above? (Tack på förhand.)

  50. Lyckra Says:

    Skit bra! Tack!

  51. […] Kometen är på samma sätt som Blueberry Garden en svårdefinierad historia. Man kan hävda att det inte är ett regelrätt spel även om det finns mål, inte solklara, men de finns där. Man kan ”klara” spelet. Det Kometen framförallt är och försöker vara är en upplevelse som man själv väljer hur man vill uppleva. […]

  52. Lorenzo Says:

    Hey Erik & Nicke! Great game. This game is a work of art. It is so beautiful and the music is mesmerizing. Do you have any plans for updates?

  53. sammysin Says:

    Guys I am in love with your game. It’s a beautiful experience.

  54. Henrik Törnqvist Says:

    I love space!

  55. zztfox Says:

    Neat looking game, am still on the fence though…

    There is also an active thread on Touch Arcade, where I am sure people would love to here from the dev, here:


  56. Tocarina from touchArcade.com Says:

    Beautiful game, but please make the icon prettier by removing the reflection :)

  57. WilhelmR Says:

    Awesome game, love the graphics.

    I’m not really sure what the game is supposed to play like, but i’ll get it anyway.

  58. […] Our former AD Niklas Åkerblad and Erik Svedäng’s latest creation for iPhone is worth checking out https://eriksvedang.com/kometen/ […]

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