No More Sweden Game Making Competition

All the games were made in 28 hours, from Sunday 27th 14.00 to Monday 28th 18.00. Here are the winners:

“Most artsy”

You Have to Fertilize the Egg (Kian Bashiri)

“Most erotic” and “Most next-gen”

You Have to Knock the Penis (Petri Purho & Erik Svedäng)

“Best water”

Laser Fish (Andreas Jörgensen)

“Worst water”

Bel-Air-Brentwood Fire (Jens Bergensten)

“Best game” (three winners with the same amount of votes)

Bear Miner (Daniel Remar & Joel Nyström)

Stench Mechanics (Cactus)

Avoid the Evil Space Eel (Nifflas)


2 Comments on “No More Sweden Game Making Competition”

  1. Erik Says:

    (plays Bear Miner)

    What… was… THAT?!

  2. Doog Says:

    I don’t fully understand Bear Miner, but it’s such a wonderful game.

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