Game Design & Indie Games Resources


The Indie Game Database

A database with lots of indie games.

Experimental Gameplay Project

Some really great games, developed really fast.


Elaborate reviews of indiegames.

Yoyo games

Games made with GameMaker.

The Daily Click

Games made with Multimedia Fusion and Games Factory.


Gamasutra (game design features)

Long, interesting articles about game design from industry people.

Lost Garden

Danc writes personal and thought provoking articles about games and game design.


Really unusual and sometimes complicated articles about life and games.

Game Design Advance

Texts about game design.

The Brainy Gamer

Interesting blog.

The Games Journal

A massive amount of interesting articles about board games and game design.

Journal of Boardgame Design

Really good articles by Jonathan Degann (featured on The Games Journal).

Game Studies

Academic articles about games.

Jonathan Blow

Game designer with strong opinions about most things.

Jason Rohrer

Artsy game designer who likes to write about his thinking behind the games.


Game designer with great thoughts. Obsessed with balance.

Mark Rosewater

Magic the Gathering card designer, really interesting articles.


Derek Yu on indie games


Game Set Watch

Great coverage of the industry, academics and indies.

Indie Games Blog

Pretty complete coverage of the indie scene.


Good coverage of important events in the indie scene. Very good commmunity, don’t miss the forums!


One of the best blogs about games in general.

Kotaku indie games feed

The best news site for games doesn’t cover a lot of indie stuff but sometimes they write about interesting things happening in the scene.

Lithium Leaf

Highlights interesting indie games and developers.


For the hardcore gamer.


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