Shot Shot Guide

Game interface

Select game mode and then press the big button in the middle to start. Here’s a description of each game mode:

  • Tutorial — play without an opponent to get a feel for the game; on-screen instructions will help you to learn the basics
  • Player vs Player — the primary game mode; play against another human with the iPad placed between the two of you
  • Easy Computer — play against a simple and trigger-happy artificial intelligence
  • Hard Computer — this simulated opponent uses advanced strategies for playing the game (it will control shots, search for ammo, defend squares, etc)

Your current score can be found in the lower right corner of the screen. Clear the score by pressing the yellow button on the menu screen.

When a match is over the game will wait for 5 seconds (or until someone taps outside the start button) and then return to the menu screen.

To end a game before the winner has been decided, flip the iPad upside down.


Goal: Destroy the five squares on the other side of the board.

  1. Tap anywhere in the area around your five squares to shoot.
  2. Shots are created in the center back part of the playing area (at the black rectangle representing a canon).
  3. As long as you keep your finger down on the screen you can control your latest shot by sliding your finger sideways, as long as you’re still touching the area around your five squares.
  4. Tapping or moving the finger to the middle of the play area will result in a warning sound and red bars appearing in the background. You can’t interact with the game until you lift your finger.
  5. To be able to shoot a player must have ammunition. The level of ammunition can be seen in each player’s lower left corner of the screen:
  6. A player can’t have an ammunition level of more than 15 at any time.
  7. Every fifth second both players will get one more ammo (when the shrinking line below the ammo meter reaches zero and restarts).
  8. Collect more ammo by colliding with the small black squares in the middle of the game board:
  9. The more shots you have in the air at the same time, the slower they move forward.
  10. Shots disappear the moment they reach the other side of the game board.


What kind of manners and etiquette to adhere to while playing the game is of course completely up the people you’re playing with. Nonetheless, here are some pointers that would be good to enforce in for example a tournament setting.

1. Both players should hold the device gently with one hand and play with the other one. A player should not switch hand position during a match.

2. Shaking or moving the device while playing is strictly forbidden.

3. Players should take special care not to cover the play area with their hand, preferably by tapping the screen with their extended index finger while keeping the rest of the fingers closed.

Strategy tips

Never shoot down enemy shots unless they are going to hit one of your squares.

If several enemy shots are going to hit the same square, consider letting them all hit since that will give you an ammo advantage. The reverse also holds true for your own shots — never shoot more shots than needed at an opponent square.

Always try to make your shots collect some ammo while still being aimed at enemy squares. It’s often good to aim a little to the side.

By sliding sideways while going over a cluster of ammo-pickups you can collect more than one ammo using just a single shot.

Try to time an attack wave with the time that the ammo-pickups are charged and are ready to be picked up. Always be the first one to shoot.

Use the variable shot speed to your advantage. If the opponent has a big attack wave going on, consider using single shots to win quickly before the enemy shoots have hit you.

When you’ve got only one ammo left and need to both attack and defend, try the following: Start by shooting for an ammo-pickup. When you have passed the middle of the game board, control the shot so that it will hit the enemy square, then quickly defend using the new ammo.

Have fun!

Have you got any tactics of your own that you want to share? Use the comments below!


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